Good People Doing Good: Keeley Byrnes

Keeley Byrnes in India standing in front of the Taj Mahal on a sunny day.
Keeley Byrnes standing in front of the Taj Mahal on a trip to Simform's main location in India. (Courtesy of Keeley Byrnes)

Part of EasyKale’s mission is to better humanity by helping people. We love to hear from others who are doing the same. Recently, we were able to chat with Keeley Byrnes of Orlando. She was kind enough to share with us how she’s helping her community both locally and globally.

Keeley works for a tech consulting company called Simform where she wears a lot of hats. She’s a consultant, project manager, and also works in sales. While she stays busy with her work, she also spends time empowering her community.

She does this through sport.

Keeley originally hails from Michigan where she was a softball pitcher for the Lansing Community College Stars. While an injury ended her playing career early, she still has a passion for the sport and uses this passion to coach girls in the Orlando area.

For Keeley, her relationship with the girls is more than just the game of softball. She’s coaching them on becoming better softball players and how to better take care of their bodies for the future, but she also uses her time developing and mentoring them. She teaches them how to apply the game of softball to life, such as overcoming failures in other areas of their personal lives.

With her work, Keeley recently had the opportunity to travel to India, Simform’s main hub. Together, they were able to host community events in an effort to bring people together.

She was able to take in the sights and sounds of the Indian culture -  the food, the music, the hospitality, and, of course, the sport.

While they don’t play softball in India, they do play another sport involving a bat and a ball.

This sport is cricket, and in India cricket reigns supreme.

Keeley with her coworkers from Simform after playing a game of cricket.
Keeley with her Simform coworkers after a game of cricket. (Courtesy of Keeley Byrnes)

Even though Keeley didn’t fully understand the rules, she says it didn’t take away from the human connection the sport provided. Fun was still had by all.

While we’re all different across the globe, we’re all tied together in many of the same ways. We all share the same emotions and we all long to take care of one another. Even though Keeley doesn’t speak the native language, she was still able to bond with the Indian people through the power of the human spirit.

EasyKale seeks to connect the world through kindness and humanitarianism. We are called to take care of each other. Keeley is just one example of this. There are plenty of others like us who want to change the world for the better. Will you join us?

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