Cozy up with your favorite soup & a little kale goodness.

Stay warm and well when you add Bilal's EasyKale® superfood powder to your fall favorites. With just a tablespoon you get the nutrients of four cups of leafy kale.

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Meet Bilal

When Bilal Qizilbash discovered that juiced leafy kale would selectively kill melanoma cancer cells in vitro while leaving non-cancerous cells alone, he knew he was onto something.

This breakthrough led to a U.S. patent, continued laboratory studies, and the realization that he could help humanity with a product that makes it easy for people to add #dailykale to their diets. Thus, Bilal’s EasyKale® was born.

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You can put EasyKale® in almost anything.

So, what does EasyKale pair well with? Well, anything really. Grilling burgers for the weekend? Whipping up some salsa for Taco Tuesday? Mixing your daily protein shake? Add EasyKale! Just shake, mix, and enjoy!

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EasyKale being poured on tomato soup.EasyKale being poured into a pink smoothie.EasyKale being poured on queso dip.EasyKale being poured on a bowl of sliced tomatoes.

Are there benefits?
Oh kale yeah!

The benefits of kale are well documented. It’s even been deemed a “superfood”. It’s among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, loaded with powerful antioxidants, and is an excellent source of vitamins C and K. Just one tablespoon of EasyKale® equals 4 cups of leafy green kale goodness!

Bilal's EasyKale® is:

  • Made in the USA & USDA certified organic
  • Long-lasting (it has a 2 year shelf life!)
  • Able to mix with anything
  • Basically tasteless
  • An energy booster
  • Easily accessible
  • Just downright good for you!
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Feel Good about Buying EasyKale®

Not only is Bilal a successful scientist, lecturer, and innovator, he also has a heart for feeding the hungry. In conjunction with his non-profit, Draw-a-Smile, The R U Hungry program feeds the hungry every Friday night at 6 p.m. in both Jackson, Mississippi, and Brooklyn, New York.

Bilal pledges 2.5% of Bilal’s EasyKale’s net profits to Draw-a-Smile and another 2.5% to Mississippi Coding Academies, an organization that helps at-risk kids develop their technology careers.


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